Thursday, 20 April 2017

Efficient Industrial Mixers and Blenders For Better Production Quality

From mixing chemicals to the treatment of wastewater, mixers, blenders, and agitators are required on a large scale today in various types of industries. It is becoming increasingly important for such industries to have efficiency in their mixing processes in order to ensure better productivity and improved quality of the product.

A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited provides advanced and efficient industrial mixers and blenders. The company collaborates with other global leaders in providing innovative industrial mixers and agitators to all types of industries in an effort to increase their level of productivity to international standards.

Advanced industrial mixers and blenders

These are the popular industrial mixers and blenders provided by the company:

Sulzer abs RW

This industrial mixer is made for efficient agitating, mixing, blending, dissolving and suspending solids, especially in city wastewater treatment plants. The Sulzer abs RW is designed and developed by Sulzer Pumps, from Switzerland and provided in India by A.T.E. This mixer has an advanced integral motor designed specifically for extensive industrial and agricultural use.

The mixer’s design consists of an efficient multi-pole with gears driving the mixer. The motor enclosure comes in standard and explosion-proof variants. This mixer provides an effective range of 200 to 900 ft with propellers sizes ranging from 200 to 900 mm. Depending on the application, motors from 3.0 kW to 25 kW can be chosen.

Sulzer abs Flow Booster XSB 900

The Sulzer abs Flow Booster XSB 900 is made by Switzerland-based Sulzer Pumps and provided in India by A.T.E. This is an advanced, compact, and efficient unit with a lockable coupling system. It comes equipped with an axially-operating, 3-blade pressure resistant propeller with efficient self-maintenance and vibration-free functioning.

The innovative propeller design provides optimum thrust and gives higher flow capacity in an axial manner. The patented solids detection ring helps to protect the mechanical seal from damage through ingress of the fibrous and solid matter. The bearings are sufficiently lubricated and are free from maintenance with an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours. The maximum propeller diameter reaches 2,750 mm while the XSB provides a range of 900 to 2,750. The motor size comes in 1 kW to 7.5 kW.

The advanced industrial mixers and agitators provided by A.T.E. to Indian industries have resulted in significantly better productivity and energy-efficient operations.

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