Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ideal Industrial Iot Solutions From A.T.E. Improve Industrial Operations

As technology grows by leaps and bounds, it is being accepted in every part of our lives. Industries too, are no exception; a number of industries have accepted automation to improve their bottom and top lines. There is no example more appropriate to highlight this than the spread of the internet. From offering excellent communication and unprecedented sources of information and data, the internet has also enabled incomparable connectivity between machines as well. IoT or Internet of Things, the next big thing after automation, is one of the greatest revolutions in industrial technology. Small and large companies are looking to integrate advanced industrial management technology to ensure higher productivity with a better quality of operation.

IoT (Internet of Things) is used to make human-machine and machine-machine contacts smoother and more efficient. The smart IoT solutions from some of the renowned industrial solutions providers in the world are helping all types of industries to ensure better industrial operations.
Smart industrial solutions

Leading companies, such as A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited are renowned for providing some of the most advanced industrial IoT systems that enable customers to make their overall operations more efficient. EcoAxis, a part of A.T.E. Group, is the leading provider of hi-tech IoT solutions for industries, such as:

Smart Sustainability Suite: ideal energy-efficient industrial operations

EcoAxis’ SuperAxis™ Smart Sustainability Suite is designed to for energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness in industrial operations.

The system offers:

1. Ideal management of energy and resources that include designating use of facilities in Smart Cities.
2. Constant verification and measurement
3. Enhanced performance benchmarking and frequent evaluation for improving industrial operations.
Smart Manufacturing Suite: for better manufacturing

The EcoAxis’ SuperAxis™ Smart Manufacturing Suite is designed to transform conventional industrial operations into lucrative and highly-productive operations. This SaaS (Software as a Service) package offers customers the ideal integration of industrial information, technology, and resources for enhanced productivity in manufacturing.

The Smart Manufacturing Suite offers:

1. Real-time analysis of plant operation and management
2. Bespoke maintenance
3. Ideal OEE, productivity, production, losses, availability, KPIs, etc
4. Better resource and energy management solutions
5. Remote access and monitoring of the complete industrial operations
6. Integrated easy-to-use and efficient MIS

These Suites are offered by A.T.E. in order to help various industries to ensure optimum production quality and level with the easy and efficient integration of advanced technology into industrial operations.

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