Friday, 24 August 2018

ATE's Industrial Mixers

Industrial agitators and mixers are quite simply machinery that is used for mixing liquids together. These are used usually in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.  Correct mixing can ensure a number of things according to the requirements of the manufacturer such as the creation of new solutions, cooling or heating of the mixture and maintenance of the homogeneity of a liquid. Industrial agitators can be of various types such as anchor, turbine, gas induction and propeller. Despite their primary objective being the mixing of substances, the designs of agitators can be rotating or static. The impellers of the agitators can be optimised to have smooth or erratic mixing techniques.
ATE Enterprises entered the market of flow technology over a decade ago and has by now mastered the manufacture of agitators. It has provided solutions for water management. Its products have harnessed the balance of viscosity, pressures and flow rates to ensure a smooth mixing of substances.  The Sulzer pumps of Germany have the requisite technology needed for mixing and blending agricultural as well as industrial effluents. They can also be used for dissolving and suspending solids in water treatment plants. Another pump made by the same company can be used in advanced water treatment plants. The materials used for these agitators depend on its area of use. Metals such as cast iron as well as lighter, no-reacting materials (glass, resin) are used. The mixers’ thermo-control system allows for automatic switching off mechanism to arrest mixing on achieving the desired temperatures.
The ATE Enterprises industrial mixers and agitators have also revolutionised the market of eco-friendly machinery. Through their transparent availability of case studies and figures, it has been found out that using Sulzer mixers can save lakhs of rupees a year. By being power saving in nature the mixers uses far fewer hertz than other models. In terms of providing water management solutions, ATE Enterprises have definitely come out as winners. Their eco-friendly, long lasting and specialised products are the kind that industries need for profit maximisation.