Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Industrial Air Washer to Improve Air Quality

An air washer is an equipment to improve the air quality by scrubbing the air that moves through it and adjusting humidity levels to keep the environment consistent as a part of internal climate control and air quality systems. Precise control of ambient process conditions is required for the production of high-quality yarn and fabric. The production efficiency of machines depends on well-designed air conditioning and filtration systems.
A leading supplier of industrial air engineering systems, Luwa offers tailor-made, convincing systems to master the complex challenges in industrial production and is well-acquainted with the challenges posed in the textile industry in particular. It is to meet these challenges that the company’s skilled professionals have used the latest technology and excellent quality raw material in making the Luwa Air Washer.

Air washers are undoubtedly clever little air quality appliances, but Luwa’s expertise in providing Textile Air Engineering services take these to the next level. Luwa Air Washer makes the cooling, humidification, and dehumidification possible with just chilled water to optimise production for non-woven (Hygienic, Cosmetic, Automotive, Cleaning goods, Geotextiles, Technical Textiles) as per the manufacturing process requirements.

This system is characterized by the constant and optimum humidification for dew point saturation as well as the variable humidification of the supply air for partial saturation. This makes it possible to easily adjust the conditions to the needs of the production process. Its corrosion resistant design and the resistance of atomizer nozzles to clogging are in keeping with its overall low maintenance design. High humidification efficiency, low-pressure loss, and the washing effect of the air along with high air throughput are key features of this product.

An automated, easy to operate and regulate the system, this air washer does not require much manual intervention in creating the optimum manufacturing environment. This, in turn, increases productivity and creates cost-efficiency and sustainability. Luwa Air Washer is in keeping with the company’s commitment towards ensuring high quality service and solutions for its clients, making it the ideal choice.

ATE is an engineering group offering various world-class products and services that include Textile Engineering, Cooling, IoT, Energy Efficiency solutions, Wastewater treatment, etc. With the emergence of industries, perfect tools enhance the whole industrial process. ATE comprises of Air, Water, and Energy - the three essential elements of life.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Water Pressure Booster to Increase the Pressure of Water

A pressure booster pump or a water pressure booster pump, is a centrifugal pump which helps in increasing the pressure of water. Boosters can either be driven by hydraulics, electricity, low or high pressure air or simply by a lever system. Jet pumps can be a type of pressure booster pump used in homes. This home water well pump is used for lower flow rates than vertical turbine types. It is a horizontal end suction pump and uses the ejector to assist the flow.

The water pressure booster pump has many utilities –
        They can be used on new construction or retrofit projects. They are used to provide adequate amount of water pressure to the upper floors of high rise buildings.

        The need for this pump also arises when a new backflow prevention device (BFP) is installed. It is currently mandatory in many municipalities to save the public water supplies from the pollutants or the contaminants within a building which enter through the public water suppliers.

        The only way potable water can be distributed effectively among faucets (taps), showers and toilets and other plumbing fixtures is if delivered with sufficient pressures. That is when the water pressure booster pump comes into play. It provides sufficient pressure so that water can be distributed properly.

        Industrial areas also utilize this. These pumps can be used in pipes and some process systems.

        In hilly areas, multi-stage configurations are often required to boost water supply over there. The reasons can be agricultural demands, commercial demands or simple residential uses.

        It can also be used during filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

HyP-Exe, complete microprocessor-controlled pressure booster pump system, is designed to meet the demands regarding operating conditions and variations in load patterns. It is a unique skid-mounted system which comprises of a battery of sheet metal SS pumps with controls to deliver flow patterns ensuring that the varying demands are met as quickly as possible. Automation can be achieved through a transmitter, a VFD and a PLC. It is engineered by A.T.E Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. which is a renowned company for its work in flow technology.

This water pressure booster pump has a few applications which range from commercial complexes, large residential buildings, skyscrapers, malls and multiplexes. The key features can be -

        Pump cascading
        Friction-loss compensation
        Robust systems

Automatic cyclic alterations of pumps like lead and lag

Textile Machine Spare Parts at Teraspin

A.T.E's TeraSpin deals with textile machinery spare parts by providing quality products for a large number of textile industries. From light to medium components targeted for textiles, we offer everything in between. Technologies used behind the production of the machines and parts are upgraded to stay in par with the industry demands.

TeraSpin is equipped to deal with the needs and requirements of our customers. Using these textile machine spare parts ensures safety, reliability, and increases the productivity of machines used for the manufacturing and processing of textiles.

The products include:

A.T.E’s Teraspin designs cradle using Fibre Reinforced Plastic for longevity and easy handling. Cradles which are used to punch holes in loose sheets of folded paper need to be strong enough so that the loose sheets can be easily lined up.  These textile machine spare parts are designed to suit the needs of sewing machines.

Spindles and Inserts
Teraspin' HF 100 inserts produce super strong spindles because, without a spindle, a sewing machine is incomplete. These textile machine spare part comes in different variants so that they can be easily fitted and adjusted in a sewing machine.

Weighting Arms
Weighting arms result in breaking after a long usage. TeraSpin's weighting arms can be easily customized as per the choice of load selection.  With a long shelf life, A.T.E produces textile machinery spare parts like weighting arms which requires no maintenance even after multiple uses on any fabric and yarn.

Top Rollers
TeraSpin’ design rollers are unaffected by issues like slippery knots and uneven seams. Also, the special lubricant makes the rollers last long in the making of textiles in mills and industries.  All the layers of fabrics are fed evenly. 

Smart Cradles
TeraSpin's smart cradles are smart enough when it comes to holding the apron in place. This intelligent textile machine spare part is super functional and handled daily by workers. The long life of apron and easy removal is assured with these sturdy cradles. 

Upgrade Kits
For several mills and textile factories in India, TeraSpin’s upgrade kits act like a boon. The textile machine spare parts are extremely easy to install. The packages offer simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

TRG 5 Grease
It ensures that even after regular wear and tear of textile machinery spare parts, they last longer.

Smart Yarn Catcher
With TeraSpin Smart Yarn Catcher, ensure precision and automatic control. This textile machine spare part ensures less manual work and high productivity in a short period.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel (SS) Sheet Metal Pumps

At A.T.E, we believe in changes for the better. When the market demands products that are convenient to use, we come straight away with best-in-class products. That’s why our Teraflow vertical multistage stainless-steel metal pumps are best suited for industries for transferring their process water over multiple ranges of flows and pressures. They work especially best for liquids which are forceful in nature. Our Teraflow vertical centrifugal pumps are therefore used in a variety of industries and their applications like water treatment plants, food processing, water transportation, fire extinguishing, industrial reverse osmosis and more.

The working of Teraflow

A.T.E’s Teraflow vertical centrifugal pumps are designed in such a way that they are both efficient and convenient. The materials like a superior quality shaft, impeller, and sturdy heavy-duty casing used in the making of these pumps are reliable for transporting drinking water along with industrial purposes. Stainless steel makes the energy of the pumps efficient and prevent issues like cavitation and ensures smooth functioning in high temperature/ vapour pressure of fluids. The nature of liquids – corrosive, non-corrosive, low viscosity, high vapour pressure, or high temperature doesn’t hamper the pumps. This ensures longevity and durability of A.T.E vertical centrifugal pumps.

Key Features of Teraflow

Teraflow vertical centrifugal pumps come for a wide range of applications because of their nature, meeting the targets of industries. A.T.E has a reputation for using the latest technologies in designing its products and meeting service standards. The features include:
  • Wide pressure range (0-25 bar)
  • Wide head range (0-250m)
  • High flow rates
  • Meets the quality levels
  • Strong metal casing body and pump housing
  • Usage of high-grade stainless steel
  • Easy servicing of pumps
Applications Teraflow vertical centrifugal pumps are a special kind of pump which meets the requirements of industries and can, therefore, be customized as per the needs. The compact design makes the product a perfect choice for various applications, which include:
  • Water treatment
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Food and processing
  • Transportation of drinking water
  • Pressure boosting
  • Boilers
A.T.E understands how important it is to transfer liquids from one place to another, in industries and homes alike. That’s why our vertical centrifugal pumps are highly efficient, cost effective and sturdy. From easy installation to servicing, everything has been taken care of,  ensuring the safety of customers while meeting the demands too.

Friday, 24 August 2018

ATE's Industrial Mixers

Industrial agitators and mixers are quite simply machinery that is used for mixing liquids together. These are used usually in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.  Correct mixing can ensure a number of things according to the requirements of the manufacturer such as the creation of new solutions, cooling or heating of the mixture and maintenance of the homogeneity of a liquid. Industrial agitators can be of various types such as anchor, turbine, gas induction and propeller. Despite their primary objective being the mixing of substances, the designs of agitators can be rotating or static. The impellers of the agitators can be optimised to have smooth or erratic mixing techniques.
ATE Enterprises entered the market of flow technology over a decade ago and has by now mastered the manufacture of agitators. It has provided solutions for water management. Its products have harnessed the balance of viscosity, pressures and flow rates to ensure a smooth mixing of substances.  The Sulzer pumps of Germany have the requisite technology needed for mixing and blending agricultural as well as industrial effluents. They can also be used for dissolving and suspending solids in water treatment plants. Another pump made by the same company can be used in advanced water treatment plants. The materials used for these agitators depend on its area of use. Metals such as cast iron as well as lighter, no-reacting materials (glass, resin) are used. The mixers’ thermo-control system allows for automatic switching off mechanism to arrest mixing on achieving the desired temperatures.
The ATE Enterprises industrial mixers and agitators have also revolutionised the market of eco-friendly machinery. Through their transparent availability of case studies and figures, it has been found out that using Sulzer mixers can save lakhs of rupees a year. By being power saving in nature the mixers uses far fewer hertz than other models. In terms of providing water management solutions, ATE Enterprises have definitely come out as winners. Their eco-friendly, long lasting and specialised products are the kind that industries need for profit maximisation.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Textile Weaving Machines by ATE

The ATE group has a comprehensive catalogue of textile weaving machines. We have a huge variety of textile weaving machines which are used for producing textiles ranging from mosquito nets to lingeries to filaments. Warp preparation is an important step in the process of fabric creation. It involves processing of spun yarns and synthetic yarns. A.T.E. offers the complete range of Karl Mayer warp preparation solutions for textile weaving. Our textile weaving machines come with the difference of economic efficiency, quality and flexibility. Have a sneak-peak into the catalogue of our machines:
1.                   Beaming Machines
Our beaming textile weaving machine come in a huge selection which includes: Warp direct, Direct warping ZM-F, Direct Warping ZM-G, Poly Beamer, Ball Warper and the Long Chain Beamer. Warp Direct is a computer controlled direct warping machine. It is highly user friendly and operates from V-creel. The Direct warping ZM-F produces filament weaving yarn and has rapid yarn change over facility. The Direct Warping ZM-G is characterised by compact construction and easy operation. The Poly Beamer provides direct warping for tape and filament yarns with GAPP unrolling reel. The Ball Warper machine is designed to utilise the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency to today’s high production environment. The Long Chain Beamer converts the ball to sheet for rope indigo dyeing.

2.                   Sectional Warping
Nov-O-Matic NOM offers an automatic leasing function with up to 7 size separation lease which guarantees a wide range of applications. It is an economical alternative for the production of high quality short warp. The Opt-O-Matic OOM textile weaving machine has a number of configuration possibilities which makes it easier to run finest to heaviest yarns. It also has a homogenous band built-up while all bands are lazer-controlled.
3.                   Sample Warping
The Multi-Matic Sample Warper can produce warps at an average speed of 800m/minutes and can process upto 128 yarns. It can produce yarn at a whooping speed of 5 times more than regular warping machines. The Gir-O-Matic Sample Warper weaves yarn with a circular creel with 16 or 24 winding places which guarantees highest efficiency for coloured and solid warps. The Gir-O-Matic 16S Sample Warper machine sets new standards in the warp preparation as it warps upto 490m length.
Our Sizing machines, Assembling Sizing Machine, Slasher (Sheet Dyeing Machine), Creels and Humidification and Air Control machines form an integral part of the entire cloth-making process. With state-of-the art machines built by the internationally acclaimed KARL MAYER textile machine producer, we weave yarn with the latest scientific techniques.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Water Pressure Booster Pump Technology

A water pressure booster is a machine designed to handle the pressure of the inflow of water and channelize at appropriate speeds. Water pressure boosters are an important piece of equipment for both households and industries. Household sizes are far smaller for they have to control smaller quantities of water. On the other hand industrial ones are most useful for plumbing purposes in large buildings. The daily utility of water pressure boosters automatically entails that they must be long lasting and made from the finest quality metal.
The right water pressure booster can be chosen by intersecting science and personal needs of the customer. Peak hours, especially in the morning, when everyone is up to go to work, is one of the few times during the day when pressure is at its the lowest. When it comes to large commercial spaces such as office buildings or shopping malls, the early morning rush doesn’t have to be dealt with. Hence optimising the kind of water pressure booster one needs depends on what you need it for. For commercial or industrial usage, water pressure must be high at all times and so the boosters must be resilient. Not only do they have to be erosion resistant but must also not be susceptible to corrosion or stoppage. For household use, the stress on the booster is most only in the hours of the morning so it can be of a lower quality. Tall buildings definitely need a machine with greater horsepower. The pressure of the water from the primary supply point must also be taken into consideration.
The Hyp-EXE is a water pressure booster pump developed by the A.T.E. Enterprises and delivers on all the mentioned needs of a consumer. With microprocessor technology, it has the ability to control varying degrees of load. It is a device apt for both commercial and residential use. Furthermore, it can be used in skyscrapers, malls, multiplexes apart from commercial and residential complexes. Its friction-loss compensation feature ensures that the friction caused within the machine does not affect the pressure of the water. Along with this feature, the HyP-EXE also boasts pump cascading, automatic cyclic alterations of lead and robust systems.