Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Advanced And Efficient Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions From A.T.E.

Due to tightening environmental regulations and a rising awareness on environmental conservation, industries are increasingly on the lookout for reliable, effective and advanced industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Small and large factories of all types need industrial wastewater treatment solutions that will help them adhere to tightening anti-pollution norms.
Companies such as A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited are renowned suppliers of reliable industrial wastewater treatment solutions. A.T.E. is engaged in designing and developing some of the most innovative and effective waste treatment systems for various industrial types. The company innovative and custom-made technologies help treat harmful effluents in industrial wastewater so as to ensure that the wastewater can be recycled or disposed safely.
A team of highly trained and extensively experienced professionals at A.T.E. has enabled the company to build a strong portfolio when it comes to solutions for wastewater treatment. The company also provides ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge). Several different technologies have been designed by the company to suit the specific needs of particular industries.
For sugar mills and distilleries effluents
A.T.E.’s advanced AVR™ technology is designed exclusively for the treatment of wastewater in distilleries and sugar mills. The unique design allows for a higher degree of mixing per unit of energy expended for it. It also allows for optimum safety while operational.
The lack of moving parts in the in-basin ensures that the machine is low in maintenance. This wastewater treatment method uses advanced anaerobic techniques to degrade organic pollutants in the effluents from the sugar mills or distilleries. A larger surfaced media in the reactor also allows for better retention of solids.
For pharmaceutical effluents
The advanced AHR-P technology from A.T.E. effectively combines two anaerobic treatment processes. This ensures that the AHR-P has improved solids retention and consistently high quality of treated wastewater. The highly-efficient RO and UF recycle systems help to get maximum recovery and better membrane life. It also provides significantly reduced power consumption and sludge generation.
With the effective industrial wastewater treatment systems from A.T.E., various types of industries have been able to reduce the toxicity and effluent levels of the generated wastewater. This has allowed these companies to maintain an eco-conserving and environment-friendly image.

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