Saturday, 1 April 2017

Highly-Efficient Industrial Automated Solutions, Only From A.T.E.

Technology has helped us in many areas of everyday life. The internet is considered to be one of the most revolutionary and path-breaking technological advancement in recent history. The internet allows the user a plethora of information on any subject under the sun, on their fingertips. The internet has also become a medium for inter-personal communications, mass communication, and inter-system communications as well. The last of these has been a boon for the various industries.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a revolutionary technology based on the internet and its immense and extensive powers of connectivity. IoT technology helps deliver effective and comprehensive solutions that provide significant cost-efficiency and better productivity to businesses. IoT is not only used in manufacturing, but even retail estate, retail, and sectors. However, the frequent advances in this technology have allowed it to be easily integrated into other areas of businesses as well.

Leading companies, such as A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited are renowned providers of the best, most efficient and advanced IoT solutions to a large variety of industries in the country. The company's EcoAxis brand of industrial automated solutions, especially the SuperAxis™ series of IoT systems satisfy all industrial IoT needs of any business organisation.

SuperAxis™ Smart Manufacturing Suite

The SuperAxis™ Smart Manufacturing Suite by EcoAxis, part of the A.T.E. group, is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that is designed to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of production and thus convert the production floor into a value generating entity.

The Smart Manufacturing Suite provides ideal integration of relevant information, advanced technology and human expertise, which can effectively improve the entire production process.

With this, the customer can easily access:

Comprehensive business analysis:

The advanced system analyses the current production model for self-evaluation. This helps the business organisation to make effective changes for improvement in business management and organisation.

Resource management:

The comprehensive cloud-based analytics platform is ideal for better energy-efficient and improved resource management.

SuperAxis™ Smart Technology and Service Suite

EcoAxis' (a Business Unit of the A.T.E. group) advanced SuperAxis™ Smart Technology and Service Suite is an innovative SaaS that helps OEMs to unlock various revenue streams in their operations.

This efficient system allows the customer to gain complete access and monitoring to their industrial processing in real-time. OEMs, for instance, can easily track and monitor the various critical performance characteristics of their equipment, thus enabling them to pre-empt catastrophic failures and provide better customer support.

A.T.E. has gained a reputation for being a leading IoT solutions provider in India. With the expert team of professionals on board, the company continues to introduce more advanced and innovative industrial solutions successfully.

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