Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hi-Tech Industrial Mixers For Better Results

Industrial mixers are extremely useful in sewage treatment plants and a number of other applications that involve industrial mixing . To deal with the challenging needs of sewage treatment plants and chemical mixing applications, modern industrial mixers and blenders consist of a blend of advanced technologies.

These flexible mixers are available in various tank sizes and shapes according to the industry needs. However, contemporary industrial mixers and blenders are designed specifically to be installed well with all tank shapes and sizes. In fact, these tanks are also being designed so that multiple mixers can be installed if desired.

Modern day mixers with greater flexibility:

As mentioned above, most modern mixers come with multi-functional abilities. A single mixer can be used for agitating, blending, mixing, and more. SulzerABS RW mixers is a fine example of equipment with multi-functional abilities.

These devices usually come with a built-in motor, which makes them useful for multiple applications. Moreover, this equipment can be fine-tuned depending on the size and design of every installation.

Needless to say the SulzerABS RW range of pumps are super performers with a mixing flow range of up to 6300 cubic meters per hour. The propeller size of these equipment varies within the range of 200 to 900 mm. These pumps are highly efficient in preventing deposits and floating crusts in pump sumps. Sewage treatment plants specifically find this equipment the most useful.


The hi-tech features of the devices like SulzerABS RW ensure that it offers superior performance. Features such as a patented solids deflection ring, modular motor, bearings lubricated for life, blockage-free propeller, flexible bracket to change directions, cast iron housing, etc., are the reasons that these devices are so distinguishing in comparison with those that were used earlier.

The SulzerABS XRW is another hi-tech submersible mixer used for a wide variety of industrial mixing applications. Similar to the ABS RW, the SulzerABS XRW also comes with abuilt-in motor for agitating, blending, mixing, dissolving and suspension of solids in municipal water treatment plants, industry, and agriculture.

These advanced mixers have turned out to be useful for many industries. Textile factories with built-in effluent treatment plants have found these mixers absolutely useful. Textile machine manufacturers in modern times are paying importance on developing devices which can comply with these mixers.

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