Thursday, 20 October 2016

Computerised Equipment For The Modern Textile Industry

Fashion is a profitable business niche these days. With the growing interest towards latest wearable fashions, it has become essential for the textile manufacturers to be equipped with hi-techmachinery. For greater production of wearable fashion products, the weaving industry has to grow equivalently.

Fabric manufacturers need the most advanced warp preparation solutions as these are considered to be a crucial step for fabric formation. Like any other textile weaving machine, these warp preparation solutions are also aimed at greater economic efficiency and maintaining the best quality.

Digitized textile industry:

Machines like beaming machines, sectional warping machines,and others have been an integral part of any weaving industry.Due to the availability of latest technology and burgeoning demands for high quality products, modern textile industries are more interested in digitally controlled textile weaving machine and equipment. These computer controlled devices are known for their efficiency. In fact, such machines can operate at speeds of up to 1200 m/minute. At the same time, these are absolutely operator friendly as well.

Features like touch screen interfaces make these machines immensely user-friendly as they can be operated after a basic training of using them. Meeting industry demands, these devices are flexible enough for quick change-over to different yarn parameters. Be it shirting or home textiles, this equipment has a broad application range.

Automated process control:

The most challenging part of industrial weaving is considered process control. However, such challenges can be addressed with greater efficacy through these computer-controlled systems. These digitally controlled machinery can guarantee 100 percent process control throughout the winding process.

In addition, such devices have greater safety as well, through a multitude of features. Being absolutely user-friendly as mentioned above, this equipment ensures easy insertion of threads inside the comb.


No doubt these automated weaving machines have revolutionized the entire textile industry. In addition, machines such as sizing machines, dyeing machines, and more are much more advanced these days.

Not just about production oriented devices, technology has developed the printing machinery in the textile arena as well. Ink filters these days are much more advanced than these used to be. Overall, technology has influenced both productivity and quality on a positive note.

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