Thursday, 20 October 2016

For The Flawless and Most Superior Packaging Prints

Like manufacturing, production, and testing, packaging is also an exclusive department in any industrial process. As packaging has a direct impact on marketing, it’s given equal importance as the product quality. Packaging in modern times is much more technologically advanced.

Manufacturers have realized that a distinctive look of the print on the package can be one of the biggest selling points. Hence, modern packaging equipment systems are designed to work with the best printing equipment.

Plate-type capacitor based printing devices:

Printing machines for industrial packaging that are based on plate-type capacitor are quite popular among modern manufacturers. These machines are based on the development of a consistent electric field generation between the plates.

Printing equipment based on such plate-type capacitor principle are highly accurate in terms of ink transfer. No other device can transfer ink more uniformly than these devices.

In fact, these machines are also extremely user-friendly, while offering greater amount of control for the user.Apart from working flawlessly with packaging equipment systems, these devices can be controlled according to the production speed. This attribute makes these devices more cost-effective than others. These devices are much more reliable while printing colours with lighter and mid-level tones.

In addition, these plate-type capacitor based printing devices are essential for the challenging printing on a variety of substrates. In terms of quality of prints, these machines are highly efficient as the technology itself is meant to remove dots and to distribute the ink uniformly as it is possible.

Works with all solvents:

One of the commonly found issues among packaging systems has been their inability to be used with certain solvents. There are many such systems that don’t work well with solvents like toluene. However, the plate-type capacitor based printing devices have no such issues.

Advancements in the printing equipment are often compared to the advancements witnessed with the pumping industry. Magnetic drive pumps are considered equally revolutionary in pumping industry as of these printing devices in the packaging world.

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