Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Checkpoints One Must Follow Investing in Packaging Equipment

In an era, when promotion matters much for the marketing of a product, increasingly importance is being given towards quality packaging. Today’s manufacturers have learned this lesson well, and hence stay equipped with the best quality packaging equipment.

However, it is important as well to understand that as the prints on the packaging are vital from a marketing point of view, and higher priority should be given on finding the best printing equipment.

The check points:

While selecting the best range of printing equipment, it is important to check its performance properly. Moreover, it needs to be ensured that the ink transfer over the substrate is done to perfection.

Using mediocre packaging equipment is a recipe for disaster; inviting issues such as missing dots, mostly in light tone ranges. In addition, mediocre equipment deliver less than desired printing density.

However, some industrial professionals ignore these points. This happens as most of the packaging equipment manufacturers in focus on the package film quality so much that other, equally important printing aspects are ignored.

Well, such strategies can be boomerang on manufacturers as well. After all, there is no meaning of the paper quality, if the print is not up to the mark.

Electrostatic printing devices: the most preferred among the industrialists

When it comes to the most advanced concepts used for developing high-end printing devices, users prefer printing equipment with plate-type capacitors. Renowned packaging equipment system manufacturers prefer devices based on this concept. A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited offers Eltex Electrostatic Printing Assist that is a fine example of a device developed based on plate-type capacitor concepts.

The concept of plate-type capacitors is based on the generation of a homogeneous electric field between two fields, within which a dielectric is dragged to one side. Devices like Eltex Electrostatic Printing Assist apply the concept in the nip, being very specific to the point, where the ink has to be transferred.The best part about electrostatic support mediated ink transfer is the way it works evenly over the entire width.

Moreover, its ability to perform well with perfection, at both moderate and high production speeds, makes the concept more biddable for manufacturers as well as their end users.

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