Friday, 22 September 2017

The Wide Range of Pumps for Efficient Water Management from A.T.E.

Are you planning to give your existing water management system an active boost? Are you looking for effective water management solutions like vertical multistage pumps or vertical centrifugal pumps? If so, A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited is here to assist you!

A.T.E. is one of India’s premier engineering companies that excel in offering a range of pumps from world leaders in fluid transfer solutions for industrial applications. Starting from vertical multistage pumps to vertical centrifugal tools, A.T.E. offers a broad range of products for ensuring a complete and seamless water management and treatment. The in-line design of the pumps, offered by A.T.E, enables them to be installed in vertical one pipe systems which eventually assure a compressed design and call for easier piping systems.

Product Details of A.T.E.

At A.T.E., you can get access to a broad spectrum of Vertical Multistage and Centrifugal Pumps. However, those products that have made their stand in the market are:

TeraFlow Vertical Multistage SS Sheet Metal Pumps

TeraFlow Vertical Multistage SS Sheet Metal Pumps is one of the most efficient and popular pump products of A.T.E. Engineered by the experts of A.T.E., this product is specially configured and engineered to address and handle the supply of water for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The customisable approach of the product makes it completely ideal for being used for boiler, industrial reverse osmosis, water treatment, as well as pressure boosting applications.

HyP-ULTRA is one of most popular and best-selling pressure boosting systems that have energy-efficient Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and is ideal for low-maintenance applications. With a pressure range of 0-25 bar, the product also eliminates the needs for the stand-by pump. This pump is ideal for applications in the major residential buildings, commercial complexes, skyscrapers, malls, and multiplexes.

HyP-EXE is a comprehensive microprocessor-controlled pressure-boosting pump that saves energy with its integrated VFDs and is also ideal for being used in large commercial places.

At A.T.E., vertical pumps are available in a varied range of sizes and with altered integrated stages so that they can provide the required flow of water and pressure for assorted applications, ranging from domestic and commercial to industrial needs. The pump unit of the agency is entirely focused on the optimised hydraulics with outer sleeves, various kinds of connections, and other parts so that the supply of water can be precise.

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