Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A.T.E: The Most Trusted Textile Machinery Manufacturer of India

Are you looking for the best Textile Machinery Manufacturersin India who can serve your plant with the world-class and best line-up machinery for Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Processes? If so, A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited – one of India’s most trusted and renowned engineering firms – is here to assist you.

At A.T.E., you can get access to a wide range of machinery, which is specifically designed for non-wovenfabric manufacturing processes. Be it an application of medical textiles or geotextiles, or even hygiene textiles, the nonwovens and technical textile machines, developed and supplied by A.T.E., offer loads of opportunities for taking your firm’s profit and growth to the next level.

What Can You Get From A.T.E.?

Opening & Blending Machine:
A.T.E.’s extensive product line-up includes a range of opening and mixing machinery that are specifically designed for delivering a seamless and standardised blending of different fibre bales of different kinds, shades, fineness and lengths.

Web Forming & Bonding:
A.T.E. supplies a range of web forming machinery is ideal for the arrangement of filaments or fibres in unremitting sheet structure for presenting it for bonding. Similarly, the web bonding appliances are applied for entangling filaments or threads or for creating the fabric.

Drying Machine:
Drying machines are one of the most useful tools for non-woven and technical fabric manufacturing processes. These machines are designed for non-woven felts which are formed via hydroentangling or by wet-laid webs. From drum dryers to streamliners, A.T.E. has covered a wide range of drying machines for Indian textile customers.

Winding and slitting machines help in the configuration of rolls of nonwoven materials and getting the desired lengths and widths for further converting or processing. A.T.E. excels in offering both winder and unwinder tools.

Non-Woven Finishing Machine:
Non-woven finishing machinery are designed to produce non-woven textiles with selected mechanical, chemical, physical or biological properties after passing them through a variety of mechanical, chemical and thermal processes. Apart from these machines, A.T.E. also offers a varied range of options for Melt-Spun Non-Woven Lines, air engineering, bleached cotton, and much more.

By embracing the most cutting-edge technology, with the collaboration of world leaders, and embarking on the matchless expertise from a highly knowledgeable and skilled team, A.T.E. delivers a complete and comprehensive guide to its clients. Starting from project planning to high-end commercial production, A.T.E. can work as your most trusted partner and provide utmost assistance in the complicated non-woven and technical fabric manufacturing processes.

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