Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A.T.E: The Inimitable and Unrivalled Textile Machine Manufacturer of India

Mechanical developments in textile business have come a long way throughout years. Notable progressions in the development of mechanism have not only shifted the textile industry from the traditional platform to a more productive realm but also have opened up several lucrative doors for small-scale firms and agencies.

In India, the number of textile machine manufacturers has kept on ballooning. However, A.T.E Enterprises Private Limited, with its forward-looking approach and customer-centric solutions, has created a more notable and celebrated position in the global textile industry and now considered among the topmost textile machinery manufacturers of the world.

What Makes A.T.E Outshine in The Market?
·         Textile engineering is what sets A.T.E apart from others in the market. A.T.E. with its distinguished charisma in the industry of global textile engineering – both in traditional and technical textiles – has set a new benchmark in the market.

·         A.T.E. via its partnership with leading International textile machine manufacturers has covered a broad spectrum of textile machinery, accessories, and tools that can go well along with an all-inclusive range of applications and utilities.

·         Being called as a ‘one window solution provider’, A.T.E. always focuses on catering individual needs by following collective approaches. From spinning, knitting, weaving, dry and wet finishing machines to printing, home textiles, garmenting, synthetic fibres and filaments, technical textiles and non-woven products, A.T.E.’s product line has covered everything that a textile company needs to be prosperous in the current aggressive and competitive market.

The Product Line, Offered By A.T.E Includes:

1.     ERP, monitoring and automation solutions for textile industry.
2.     High-tech spinning machines for textile engineering.
3.     Complete series of weaving machines.
4.     Spectrum of tools for warp knitting and circular knitting.
5.     A range of machinery and accessory for textile processing like dying, printing and finishing.
6.     Modern garmenting machinery.
7.     Hi-tech carpets from leading international brands like Zimmer, Cobble, Truetzschler and CTMTC.
8.     A complete range of thermal cleaning solutions like a synthetic machine.
9.     Non-woven machinery.

Apart from expertise in manufacturing textile machines, A.T.E. also excels in providing machinery and tools from leading international brands Truetzschler Nonwovens, EnkaTecnica, Karl Mayer, Zimmer, Cobble, CTMTC, Yilmak, VAV Technology and so on. Alongside products, A.T.E. also provides its clients, pre and post selling solutions like Installation, commissioning, and relocation, Trouble-shooting, Annual Service Contracts, and much more.

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