Thursday, 23 February 2017

Advanced Energy-Efficient Industrial Air Cooling Systems From A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited

Industries generate significant amounts of heat during their operations. At times this heat is utilised back into the process to conserve energy. To improve productivity of people and processes, these industries are in need of efficient cooling. Apart from keeping a constantly comfortable temperature, the cooling systems also need to be efficient to run.

Leading companies, such as HMX (a business unit of A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited) have provided advanced, energy-efficient industrial air cooling systems to Indian industries for improved performance. HMX, also a part of the A.T.E. group, is the leading innovator of efficient industrial-level air conditioning and cooling solutions. HMX manufactures highly advanced air cooling systems that do not use refrigerants for cooling. This allows the cooling systems to be comparatively more eco-friendly.

Efficient industrial air cooling systems from HMX

HMX designs and develops breakthrough industrial air cooling systems that use indirect evaporative cooling to ensure optimum indoor temperatures in large spaces. 

These are some popular cooling systems developed by HMX and provided to consumers by A.T.E.:


The HMX-FAAC is one of the most dynamic industrial air cool systems today. This innovative air cooling solution is designed to provide constant indoor temperature in all seasons. 

The HMX-FAAC has six different modes to suit varying conditions, these are:

1. Ventilation mode – Provides only fresh air.

2. Indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) mode – Uses only DAMA (dry air moist air) technology for sensible cooling.

3. Ambiator mode – Uses a combination of direct and indirect evaporative cooling.

4. Fresh air pre-cooling mode – Uses advanced DAMA technology in combination with a cooling coil for conserving energy.

5. Air conditioner mode – Uses cooling coil on re-circulated air.

6. Heating & humidification mode (optional) – Uses cooling pad and heater on re-circulated air.

The HMX-FAAC (fresh air conditioning) is a revolutionary and complete industrial or commercial cooling solution. This innovative system provides the best advantages of indirect and direct evaporative cooling as well as refrigerated air conditioning. This industrial air conditioning system is proven to save significant OPEX and is aimed at providing people comfort and climate control for industrial processes in all seasons and conditions.

A.T.E. has been providing advanced industrial air cooling systems to customers around the world and has helped in remarkable savings in energy costs as well as improved overall productivity.

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