Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Advanced Static Charge Eliminator Solutions From A.T.E.

Industrial processes need to be efficient in operation to enable better quality and volume of output. The printing and packaging industry is one of the largest industries in the world and supports various other industrial sectors.

Leading companies in India, such as Valence Electrons Private Limited, a part of the A.T.E. group have been providing efficient static charge neutralizers and other anti-static equipment for better ink and print quality. The company manufactures the most advanced and efficient anti-static devices.

Advanced static charge eliminator device from A.T.E.

A.T.E. provides these and other efficient static charge eliminator devices for better quality ink and best printing.

Valstat® VR 20 active AC static charge eliminator

Valence Electron's (part of the A.T.E. group) Valstat® VR 20 AC static charge eliminator, manufactured by Valence.This is a high quality shock-proof, static charge eliminator bar and is designed to completely neutralize static charges from fast moving surfaces. Electrodes of both polarities are installed all along the length of the bar to provide complete removal of positive and negative charged particles from the charged surface.

The energy-efficient Valstat® PS 70 R power source provides the energy to run the VS 20 effectively.

Valstat® blower based static charge eliminator

Valence's Valstat® CS 11 static charge eliminator is a blower based anti-static solution from Valence. This blower has a single-phase motor attached to a dual inlet impeller which effectively blows ionised air from Valstat® static eliminating units over a flat surface or a 3D object for efficient static neutralization.

The impellers pull in the ambient air easily from both sides of the blower. The air intake is transferred over the static eliminating bars fixed just inside the outlet of the blower. The innovative design of this anti-static solution is ideal for blowing ionised air flow over a considerably large area (around 1,000 mm) for uniform charge neutralization. This effective static charge neutralizer is powered by the energy-efficient Valstat® PS 70 AR high voltage AC supply from Valence for decreased conventional energy consumption.

A.T.E. has been the leading provider of effective static charge eliminator devices for a wide number of industrial applications. Advanced anti-static technology from Valence Electrons Private Limited has been helping small and large industrial customers improve productivity and safety.

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