Tuesday, 21 February 2017

High-Performance Textile Machinery Spare Parts From A.T.E.

The Indian textile industry is one of Indian economy’s largest contributors; a significant amount of revenue to the country’s economy comes from textiles. It also provides employment to millions of people around the country, directly or indirectly. In keeping with the changing times, the Indian textile industry is incorporating advanced technologies for textile manufacturing and processing, thus enabling higher outputs with better quality.

The Indian textile industry today

According to a report by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian textile industry employs over 100 million people in the country, 40 million directly and over 60 million indirectly. This immense industry contributes around 11% to the Indian annual total export. The report estimated that India exported over $40 billion worth of high quality textile of all types in the financial year 2015-16. The overall Indian textile industry is worth around $108 billion which is expected to shoot to over $220 billion by 2021. Apart from this, the Indian textile industry contributes around 5% to the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and over 14% to the complete IIP (Index of Industrial Production).

This intense rise in the Indian textile industry is owing to the increasing adaptation to hi-tech textile processing and manufacturing machines by large and small textile companies. Companies such as A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited are known for providing advanced textile machines and textile machinery spare parts for all types of textile processing and manufacturing equipment. The company is one of the largest contributors to the advancement of the Indian textile industry.

Effective textile machine spare parts provided by A.T.E.

A.T.E. has been providing textile machines and textile machine spare parts to Indian textile companies for more than 75 years. The company is a well-established brand for advanced textile processing and manufacturing solutions.

Some of the efficient textile machine spare parts by TeraSpin, a part of A.T.E. Group are:

Spindles and inserts

TeraSpin produces precision spinning spindle and inserts. These are highly efficient while working at high speeds which ensures optimum energy efficiency with the best performance. The durable design ensures long lives of the spindles and inserts.
TeraSpin's spindles are available in a variety of configurations and for the auto-doffing system. The company offers complete spindles with HF 100 inserts.

Smart cradles

TeraSpin produces its unique designs and manufactures Smart Cradles for ring frames and that ensures better yarn quality. These are highly durable components made of fibre reinforced polymer (or FRP) material to provide complete dimensional stability, thus preventing distortion of the cradle during prolonged operation. These are ideal replacements for the conventional metal cradles existing on the machine of today.

A.T.E. provides high quality and reliable textile machine spare parts to enable for textile spinning mills in India and help them improve the quality of their products and while enhance the efficiency of the production process at the same time.

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