Monday, 26 December 2016

Innovative solutions For textile industry in India

India is one of the oldest countries to produce textiles; the nation has been renowned for supplying a large variety of textiles and high-quality fabric for many centuries. The present Indian textile industry contributes significantly to the overall Indian economic revenue and growth as well.

Indian textile industry is steadily adapting to innovative techniques for its various processes, something that Indian companies are helping towards. From the extraction of the fibres to the finishing of the end-product, A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited provides advanced technology that has helped the Indian textile industry to grow. The company is already known for being one of the premium textile machinery manufacturers amongst the textile industry players in India as well as abroad.

A.T.E.’s Product Portfolio

The extensive range of innovative products for the spinning process in textile industries includes advanced textile spinning machines and other supporting services. The spinning process, being one of the most important and basic of textile manufacturing processes, has improved remarkably in the recent past with several ultra-modern machinery products, such as:

Blendomat BO-A:
This advanced blowroom machinery helps by making the bale opening process faster and with improved efficiency. This improves the efficiency of other downstream textile processes. The Blendomat BO-A is automated and is specifically designed to gently separate the fibres. This is a highly-adaptable system and can be integrated to operate with multiple bale processing units simultaneously.

Toyota-Trutzschler Comber TCO 12:
This is an innovative system designed by Truetzschler in collaboration with Toyota. The reformative combing machine from A.T.E. is designed to function at an optimum nip-rate. High-powered servo motors are integrated into the machine for efficient rotation reversal.

Upgrade Kits:
Authentic, cost-effective upgrade kits from TeraSpin (a part of the A.T.E. group) enhance the operation of existing textile spinning machines.

These are just some of the products, amongst many others, offered by A.T.E. for textile spinning machines and other equipment. The company has always aimed to be a pioneer in the Indian industry and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. A.T.E. is involved in manufacturing and supplying some of the highest-quality textile machinery and other advanced accessories that help the Indian textile industry to grow. With innovative technology being readily and increasingly integrated by large and small textile industrial units in India, the textile manufacturing industry is set to become the leading provider of high-quality and large-volumes of different types of textiles.

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