Sunday, 25 December 2016

Advanced Machinery From A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited to Revolutionise Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process in India

India is fast becoming one of the world’s leading textile manufacturer and exporter. Due to the long-established Indian textile industry, new textile manufacturers did not find it hard to establish manufacturing units in India. Easy availability of natural resources and the large pool of skilled and unskilled workers have contributed in a major way for the progress of Indian textile industry.

Indian non woven textile industry

One of the main sectors of Indian textile manufacturing is the modern non-woven fabric manufacturing process, which has increased in demand significantly now. Non-woven fabrics are generally used in many industries, such as medical textiles, geo-textiles, hygiene textiles, etc. Due to the increase in demand from these industrial sectors as well, the demand for non woven fabric in India is on the rise. Leading Indian companies, such as A.T.E. are known for providing the most modern and efficient textile machinery for the best non woven fabric manufacturing process.

Modern non-woven fabric manufacturing process solutions

Some of the top products that are available in this segment, from A.T.E., are:

Bale opening and blending machinery

High-performance bale opening machinery from a German company, Truetzschler is designed to specifically increase the production volume while ensuring smoother operations at the next stage of production.

High-end blending machines are capable of efficiently blending natural and synthetic fibres of various colours and sizes, using zschlerTruetzschler’s technology.

Web Forming machinery

A.T.E. also offers an extensive range of high-end machinery from Truetzschler that improve the web-feeding quality using innovative zschler German know-how. The web drafter equipment lets you draft webs in eight separate areas for higher production speeds and thereby, increased production volumes.

Spun bond Lines

The Single Beam Spun Bond Lines and the LW 402 Double Beam Spun bond Lines from Hongda offers single beam non-woven spunbonding for the best uniformity in texture of fabric. Double Beam Spun bond machine enables manufacturers to produce precise spunbond non-woven fabric with high efficiency.


DDrying solutions offered by A.T.E. are produced by Fleissner. The drum dryer offers an effective and energy-efficient method for drying non-woven fabric. The innovative Streamliner drying machine allows the same flow of air over the entire surface and better control of temperature.

Non woven finishing machinery

Monforts’ coating solutions for non-woven textile offers the widest range of finishing, as well as padder and slitter. The stretcher is very strong and is able to exert a force of 10, 000 N longitudinally.

Machinery for the non woven fabric manufacturing process is designed to make the process smoother, more efficient as well as increase the quality and volume of production remarkably. A.T.E.’s machinery and devices are provided all over Indiaby A.T.E..seeing the increasing rise in the numbers of non-woven manufacturing factories all across the country.

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