Thursday, 15 December 2016

Innovative Garment Manufacturing Solutions For Improved Business Performance

India is rapidly progressing towards becoming one of the leading industrial nations. A large and diverse variety of natural resources as well as an abundance of the workforce on account of its large population, the country is a thriving industrial destination which attracts billions of dollars in FDI and other investments.

Garment manufacturing in India

One of the most well-established and rapidly growing industries in India is garment manufacturing. India today is among the top textile and garment producing countries globally. Leading Indian industrial solution providers, such as A.T.E Enterprises Private Limited are renowned for providing the most effective solutions for the textile industry. These include truly innovative and efficient garment manufacturing machines as well as a large variety of other advanced textile and garment production machines.

For over 75 years the company has been supplying some of the most innovative and hi-tech industrial solutions and systems for a large variety of textile application among other industries. A.T.E. provides the most cost-efficient and optimum quality manufacturing solutions, made by renowned and trusted machinery makers from across the globe.

Hi-tech and innovative garment manufacturing machines by A.T.E. Enterprises

The complete range of machinery provided by the company for convenient and effective garment manufacturing solutions according to the different stages of production is mentioned below:

For Cutting

For large-scale and precise fabric-cutting, A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited currently supplies manual cutting solutions in the form of the KS-AUV. This is a highly-efficient cloth cutting system for garment making. The automatic belt sharpener guaranteed longer life and durability of this straight knife cloth cutting tool than others.

There is no automatic fabric cutting range the includes some of the most useful machines, such as an automatic cutter, plotter, abric spreading machine, fabric spreading table and MD-CAD garment designing software.
For Sewing

The large range of advanced and versatile industrial fabric sewing machines include the LK-1903B Lockstitch and Button Sewing Machine, DDL-8100EB Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine, LBH-1790 Buttonholing Machine, MO-6700S General Purpose Sewing Machine, MF-7500 Flatbed Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine, LZ-2290A Single-Needle Lockstitch Zigzag Stitching Machine, BRC-8560W Three-Needle Chainstitch Machine, etc. by renowned industrial stitching machine-makers Juki India Private limited.

For Washing

The company provides extensive fabric washing solutions. These include dry as well as wet washing. The dry wash variety of machines includes the Picasso SS430 Fly Robotic Machine, Red Dragon Laser System and the advanced Black Dragon Laser System from VAV Technologies (Germany).

The company also provides extensive wet washing systems for fabrics, such as Silver Series Washing Machines, Hydro Extractor, Tumble Dryer, Conveyor-type Curing Oven and Spraying & Brushing Booths by Yilmak Makina Industrial Corporation (Turkey).

For Embroidery

The UNIX high-speed embroidery machine has superior precision and better control that allows maximum flexibility in making a large variety of sequin designs on the fabric. The innovative system also allows additional designs to be loaded manually through an easy-to-use control set-up.

With leading garment manufacturing machinery suppliers, such as A.T.E. providing advanced textile manufacturing and processing machinery the Indian textile industry, especially the garment industry is assured a significant boost in the near future.

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