Friday, 4 November 2016

Tips To Select The Best Water Supply Pumps For Your Industry

Having a sound water supply system and process in place is one of the most crucial requirements for any sector ranging from industrial, commercial to residential. For accomplishing their production jobs, industrial set-ups are highly dependent on efficient water supply systems. However, good news is that the efficiency and standards of water supply pumps have improved much these days. For instance, vertical multistage pumps that are engineered deliver ultimate efficiency.

Understanding the supply and demand:

Considering the growing water supply needs of industrial as well as residential sectors, pump manufacturers are speed-tracking development of systems that are durable, reliable, efficient, and can fulfil the needs of both. For example, the water supply need of a community with many buildings is no less than that of any small scale industry. Therefore, the modern vertical multistage pumps are being developed keeping both kinds of demands in mind.

Desired Application:

The performance of a hi-tech pump depends greatly on its construction quality. A.T.E.’s TeraFlow stainless steel sheet metal pumps are very good examples of the construction quality preferred today. These pumps with advanced features are suitable for installation in high-end industrial set-ups or large scale residential units. However, TeraFlow stainless steel sheet metal pumps are most suitable for reverse osmosis, boiler, water treatment and pressure boosting requirements of the industries. These advanced vertical multistage pumps can be used in applications involving high flow rates and heads. They can be used for high flow rates of up to 200 cubic meter per hour and for heads of up to 200 meters.


As mentioned above, the construction quality of pumps matters much in its overall performance. A water pump with AISI 304 (TFV, TFVI range of pumps) or AISI 316 (TFVL range) body is considered the best for high-end usages. Similarly, impellers manufactured using AISI 304 or 316 are preferred more than others materials. These pumps have a steeper head capacity curve, minimal wear and tear, and are energy efficient as well.

For extra Features:

For applications where water pressure is necessary, pressure boosting systems, devices like HyP-ULTRA are quite effective. Characteristics such as energy saving and low-frequency drives make them more efficient than other conventional pressure boosting systems. The HyP-EXE is a microprocessor-controlled hydro-pneumatic pressure boosting for use in applications where greater control is desired over the flow pressure.

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