Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Use of Concentrated Solar Thermal System

The world is evolving, and so are the sources of energy. Solar energy has always been one of the most efficient and traditional sources for obtaining energy. Although several sources of energy have evolved, with the use of water, hydrogen and nuclear power; the Sun remains as the ultimate source of energy.

With this simple fact in our mind, we have developed the most efficient system to obtain solar energy. The concentrated solar thermal system works on the principle of energy efficiency with solar energy –thus, aiding the largest savings in carbon-intensive fuels, and directly influencing the bottom-line

The solar thermal concentrator has been crafted such that it automatically captures the sun’s rays by following its motion in the sky. The sunlight is then reflected back and gets concentrated into a “receiver.” The receiver, mounted at the focal point of the concentrator, has a water-filled medium which helps in generating steam.

The steam is converted into mechanical energy in a turbine, which produces electricity.The electricity produced is then used for numerous applications ranging from commercial to household usage, from laundry usage to pasteurisation, sterilisation, and extraction to cooking. This ultimately helps in reducing the usage of carbon-intensive fuels.

The solar thermal technology is quite reliable as it has receiver absorptivity of 95 percent and a long-life structure of more than two decades. It is easy to handle and does not require any technical knowledge to be operated. The manufacturers have ensured that necessary safety measures be taken, and the system comes with in-built safety features.

The mirrors on the concentrator are of supreme quality and have a reflectivity of around 90 percent. The concentrator has been built in a way that the mirrors are able to capture and follow the Sun’s rays, most of the time. Another fascinating feature of this system is its maximum wind speed under tracking which was recorded to be around 10 metre per second. Moreover, the rate of steam generated is 100 kilograms per day.

The concentrated solar thermal system can generate 24000-30000 kg steam annually and has thermal power rated to be about 13.75 kW. It is manufactured by a qualified and experienced team of technical personnel who have worked hard to establish a robust set of the solar thermal system. To ensure the best results, advanced features are incorporated in the system with perfect precision. The maintenance cost is low, and is the system can be customised for the application.

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