Thursday, 10 November 2016

Effective and Efficient Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology in India

With the rapid growth of industrialisation in India, there is significant economic as well as social growth being witnessed today. Although the fast expansion of industries in India in the recent years has added greatly to its global economic and industrial value, it has also resulted in several strict regulations and practices imposed on various industries from an ecological perspective.

One of the main concerns for almost all types of industries is the disposal of the industrial waste products, which also includes the immense amount of water that is required in various industrial processes. For this, A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited in India has been providing effective and efficient industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

A team of highly-experienced industry experts at A.T.E. use their skills and capabilities to provide innovative solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The main aim of these solutions is to recycle and treat the wastewater to attain ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

A.T.E. Envirotech, a part of the A.T.E. group, also provides industrial biological wastewater treatment solutions as well as sludge and wastewater treatment solutions from Huber (Germany).

Industrial wastewater treatment solutions from A.T.E. and Huber are applicable for the following industries:

Textile industry:
A.T.E.’s excellent AAA™ Technology for Textile Effluents is designed to reduce sludge by around 70% or better by using advanced treatment procedures.

Sugar Mills/Distilleries:
innovative AVR™ Technology for Sugar and Distillery Effluents is helpful in successfully decreasing comprehensive power usage as well as lowering the levels of sludge generation and chemical absorption.

Pharmaceutical industry:
AHR-P Technology for Pharmaceutical Effluents is a reliable system for the complicated procedure of treating wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry efficiently.

Food & Dairy industry:
The AVR-AF Technology for Food and Dairy Effluents combines the efficiency of anaerobic and aerobic procedures to help in degrading the edible oils, proteins, fats, etc. The high-tech ‘jet mixing’ technology provides the best mixing of effluents in a reactor.

Petrochemical/Chemical industry:
AHR Technology for Chemical and Petrochemical Effluents is specially designed to help in better solid retention and for increasing the quality of the treated water.

These innovative industrial wastewater treatment solutions by A.T.E. Envirotech provide the most effective and advanced wastewater treatment solutions for a large variety of industrial applications.

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