Friday, 20 April 2018

Extensive and Efficient Print and Packaging Solutions Provided by A.T.E.

The print and packaging industry is one of the largest and most extensive industries in the world. Due to integration of advanced technology into its processing, the industry has been able to raise the standard and quality of production significantly.

According to a report by Smithers Pira, the global print and packaging industry is set to reach around $980 billion by the next year, 2018. This is estimated to be mainly driven by increasing growth in demand for good quality packaging and labels instead of graphic applications as well as digital printing rather than analog printing.

Leading Indian companies, such as A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited are renowned providers of efficient and effective print and packaging solutions for many years now.

Advanced anti-static devices for print and packaging solutions from A.T.E.

A.T.E. provides these and other advanced and efficient print and packaging solutions.

Static and anti-static solutions:

Eltex electrostatic printing assist:
The Eltex electrostatic printing assist (ESA) is made by popular German-based anti-static specialists, Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH. The ESA is provided by A.T.E. in India. This is an efficient static solution for fixing at the point where ink is to be transferred to the web. This electrostatically-supported ink transfer gives all-round uniform printing with the best quality of ink output.

Valstat® VS 20 active AC static eliminator:
The Valstat® VS 20 AC static charge eliminator is made by Indian anti-static solutions experts, Valence Electrons Private Limited and distributed in the country by A.T.E. These anti-static devices are completely safe and efficient for use. These static charge eliminator bars have active electrodes of both polarities running along its length on each side. These generate positive and negative ions and help to remove all static charges from a moving surface.

Valstat® fan based static eliminator :
The Valstat® BS 11 is manufactured by Valence Electrons Private Limited from India and provided by A.T.E. to industrial customers. This is a powerful anti-static device which can effectively cover a distance of around 500 mm. This is an ideal anti-static device for stable and moving surfaces alike and is powered by a reliable and efficient Valstat® PS 70 R power source.

A.T.E. ensures that all print and packaging solutions provided by it adhere to the highest standards of operations and safety for optimum industrial productivity.

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