Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Maintain the Continuity with Textile Carding Machines

A carding machine untangles, cleans and joins fibre to produce a continuous fibre web for further processing. Carding is the second step in the process of spinning. Various parts like flat, flat cleaning brush, cylinder, comb etc. help in achieving this task. These clean, separate, and join the fibres from the raw material converting them to silver.

Actions in a carding machine:

The four actions occur in a carding machine:
  1. Combing Action: Using combs to remove short fibres and impurities as well as straightening and paralleling of long fibres is done in this process.
  2. Carding Action: It occurs between cylinder and flat.  It is also known as the point against point action as the direction between the two rollers is different along with different speed.
  3. Stripping Action: As the name suggests, the fibres convert into the strip in this step. Here the roller has the same direction, however with variable speed.
  4. Doffing Action: The fibre after above three steps is transferred to a doffer from cylinder making a condensed web for forming the silver.
The quality of silver depends on the carding machine and its parts. The machine’s capability of removing impurity and joining long fibres determines its efficiency and vary from company to company. A.T.E.  is one of the respected companies in the field of textile machinery. A.T.E. supplies carding machines manufactured by Truetzschler India Private Limited. Established in 1939, the A.T.E. Group is recognized as a leader in textile engineering in India, providing end to end solutions to the textile industry.

Truetzschler’s three variants of carding machine include:

1.       TC 10: It is designed to meet the highest production requirements. The machine can adapt to cotton quality within seconds, improve the quality produced.

2.       Card TC 11: With Lowest operation costs, longest card, lowest wastage quantities and best product quality, this machine is in great demand from Indian textile manufacturers.

3.       Card TC 5-1 and TC 5-3: These machines come with a production rate of 120 kg/hr and produce silver out of cotton and man-made fibres. This machine has touchscreen interface for maintenance and operation.

Carding action in TC (Truetzschler) cards is the longest in the world with a length of 2.83 m.

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