Monday, 24 July 2017

A.T.E: The Pioneering Industrial Air Conditioner Manufacturer & Supplier of India

Manufacturing processes can generate an excessive amount of heat or use them as necessary input, the employment of industrial air cooling systems have become mandatory for process cooling and people comfort. The fundamental purpose of installing Industrial Air Conditioner systems is to provide cooling for temperature sensitive industrial processes and/or to keep the working ambience comfortable and soothing.

If you are planning to install an industrial air conditioner in your premises and looking for high-quality industrial air conditioning systems; then look no further than HMX. – one of India’s most leading and globally recognised engineering groups. At HMX (a business unit of A.T.E. Enterprises), the options for industrial cooling systems are extensive and are intended to address each small and big need of commercial and industrial clients. Here is a quick description of products offered by A.T.E.:

1) Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

In Evaporative Air Cooling Systems HMX offers three types of cooling systems including:

A highly innovative and sensible Indirect Evaporative Cooling unit which is intended for delivering 100% clean, fresh, and cold air in the industrial premises.


An energy-efficient and two-stage evaporative cooling system that delivers fresh and cold air through Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling system. HMX also offers customised models for this system so that individual needs can be addressed.


It is a standard indirect-direct evaporative cooling system, manufactured by HMX, it is capable of consuming less power than conventional air-conditioners and delivers better comfort than other ducted cooling systems.

2) Treated Fresh Air Systems (TFA)

Under this category, HMX provides:


It is a pre-cooling unit that freshens up air through standard Treated Fresh Air unit (TFA) or Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU).

3) Hybrid Air-Conditioning Systems

Hybrid Air-Conditioning Systems are what have given HMXa global footprint. Under this section, the firm provides:


It is a combined solution of indirect and direct evaporative cooling systems and air-conditioning solutions and is ideal for once-through-applications.


Just like the first one, the HMX-FAAC is also capable of delivering fresh, cool, and chilled air with a more energy saving approach. It is applicable for warehouses, factories, office and residential spaces.

Lastly, HMX (a business unit of A.T.E. Enterprises and part of the A.T.E. group) is the only firm in India that brings to you world’s best indirect and direct evaporative cooling systems, ideal for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

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