Monday, 24 July 2017

A Quick Look at Valence Electron’s Static Charge Meter

Are you in search for a lightweight and hand-held static monitoring and locating instrument? Are you looking for excellent and durable static charge meters? If so, Valence Electrons can help you!

A Synopsis of Valence Electrons (a part of the A.T.E. group):
Valence Electrons specialises in offering a range of engineering solutions for a varied range of industrial and commercial applications including a range of accessories and solutions for Packaging Equipment Systems, including Static Charge Meters. Valence Electrons static charge meters are ideal for measuring the electric charges, while on the go

Product Range of A.T.E

Valence V 300 Static Charge Meter

Valence’s V 300 Static Charge Meter is measures electrostatic charges on print film and other substrates with 1-volt resolution and the standard measurement distance of 2 meters.The V300 product is very sensitive and can be applied to a variety of substrates. With the dimension of 125 mm X 75 mm X 29 mm (L X B X H) and weight of 150g, the product can be the best one for the measurement of electrostatic charges. It is operated by a standard 9 V battery which is easily replaceable.

Its portable construction makes it easy-to-use and delivers measurements with greater clarity and speed than any other products. Moreover, it is also light-weight, hand-held, and non-contact instrument that can be handled with utmost ease. The unit gives direct readings of electrostatic charges on any surface when positioned at a distance of 2 meters or 5cm.

Application Range:
Though the product is exclusive to printing and packaging industry and applications, it also can be employed in a varied range of other industries like Paper, Textiles, Plastics, Food, Explosives as well as Pharmaceutical sectors.

With the involvement in the market since decades, A.T.E. knows well how the satisfaction of the company matters and hence always sticks its motto of delivering better-quality performance, high-quality standards, zero defective products, on-time deliveries and extremely reasonable prices.

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