Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Quick Look at A.T.E & Its Product Range

High demand for garment manufacturing machines also has boomed the number of garment manufacturing machine developers. But, the one, who with its integrated, cost-effective, and affordable range of tools for Garment Manufacturing has strengthened its footstep not only in India but also globally is A.T. E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

An Outline of A.T.E

A.T.E, for more than 75 years, has been focusing on introducing the most path-breaking, innovative, and forward-looking concepts and superior mechanical technology that can foster the growth of global garment industry. From cutting, sewing, and washing machines to embroidery, lab testing equipment, and finishing tools, A.T. E. excels in serving out hundreds of products to promote the betterment of your apparel firm.

Product Range of A.T.E

A.T.E, being one of India’s most renowned and leading Garment machine Manufacturers, always aims at bringing the advancements of technology and creativity to one place so that it can meet various and altered needs of the local, national, and international apparel industry. The product range of A.T.E includes:

Cutting Machine:

Be it is a small-scale garment production, or mass production of high-quality attires, A.T. E.’s product line ranges from manual cutting machine to automated tools.

Sewing Machine:

A.T. E. is the pioneer in India to develop world-class and inimitable sewing machines for catering to both small and large-scale garment productions.

Washing Machine:

The ranges of washing machines at A.T. E. are available for all types of denim, knits, and woven items. Be it a mass production or small-scale requirement, A.T. E. has everything for you!

Embroidery Machine:

Be it is a classic machine work or a modern embroidery, the machinery line-up of A.T.E. has covered everything.

Lab Testing Equipment:

A.T.E. also outshines in offering high-quality and world-class lab testing machines for all types of fibre, yarn, fabrics, and garments.

Finishing Machine:

The range of finishing machine at A.T.E. includes high-tech pressing tools for both men and ladies jacket, denim, jeans, and trousers.

Lastly, the product range of A.T.E. comes in a spectrum of models and designs to fit the specific individual needs of clients. The sole aim of A.T.E. is to deliver the apparel mechanisation with world’s most progressive technology, yet clear-cut and explicit to address the needs of Indian apparel industry at affordable prices.

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