Thursday, 11 May 2017

A.T.E. Solar Thermal Technology: Advanced Energy Efficiency

Industries are the major consumers of conventional power. Earlier, the majority of the industries all over the world were dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels to generate power; however, with increasing awareness, industries are increasingly shifting towards cleaner and more energy efficient power sources.

Companies like A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited offer advanced solar thermal technology in an effort to help reduce dependency on conventional fuel and industrial pollution. The company has a strong passion for developing energy efficient industrial solutions. The Solar Thermal Concentrator by A.T.E. is one of the most popular non-conventional and energy efficient sources of industrial power. This system works to effectively provide heat for various industrial and commercial applications as well.

The A.T.E. solar thermal concentrator is an excellent source of alternate power for the industry as it combines the advantages of renewable solar energy and energy efficiency. This, in turn, helps to save significantly on power bills and make the overall industrial performance more energy efficient and profitable.

Concentrated Solar Thermal System from A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited

The innovative concentrated solar thermal system from A.T.E. is based on an advanced energy efficient technology. The system is designed to follow the movements of the sun throughout the day. This allows the reflector to reflect the maximum amount of solar energy on to the ‘receiver’ unit.

This highly advanced solar thermal system consists of a large paraboloid concentrator component which effectively helps to focus the solar energy on to the receiver unit. The receiver unit is filled with water. The heat generated by the focused solar energy on the receiver unit heats the water stored within it. The steam generated by heating the water is then used for various industrial applications. This helps to reduce the dependency on conventional carbon-intensive energy sources in a significant way and paves the path towards green and eco-friendly industrial performance.

The design of the concentrated solar thermal system provides a focal length of 4 m which effectively heats up the receiver unit, which is 0.35 m overall. The complete solar thermal technology system weighs around 1800 kg and can be efficiently installed in a 25 sq m area outdoors. This system is designed to work efficiently in temperatures ranging between 50 and 180 degree Celsius.
This advanced and innovative solar thermal system from A.T.E. efficiently helps to save greatly on carbon-intensive fuels and directly reflects as saving on the bottom line.

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