Monday, 23 July 2018

Textile Weaving Machines by ATE

The ATE group has a comprehensive catalogue of textile weaving machines. We have a huge variety of textile weaving machines which are used for producing textiles ranging from mosquito nets to lingeries to filaments. Warp preparation is an important step in the process of fabric creation. It involves processing of spun yarns and synthetic yarns. A.T.E. offers the complete range of Karl Mayer warp preparation solutions for textile weaving. Our textile weaving machines come with the difference of economic efficiency, quality and flexibility. Have a sneak-peak into the catalogue of our machines:
1.                   Beaming Machines
Our beaming textile weaving machine come in a huge selection which includes: Warp direct, Direct warping ZM-F, Direct Warping ZM-G, Poly Beamer, Ball Warper and the Long Chain Beamer. Warp Direct is a computer controlled direct warping machine. It is highly user friendly and operates from V-creel. The Direct warping ZM-F produces filament weaving yarn and has rapid yarn change over facility. The Direct Warping ZM-G is characterised by compact construction and easy operation. The Poly Beamer provides direct warping for tape and filament yarns with GAPP unrolling reel. The Ball Warper machine is designed to utilise the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency to today’s high production environment. The Long Chain Beamer converts the ball to sheet for rope indigo dyeing.

2.                   Sectional Warping
Nov-O-Matic NOM offers an automatic leasing function with up to 7 size separation lease which guarantees a wide range of applications. It is an economical alternative for the production of high quality short warp. The Opt-O-Matic OOM textile weaving machine has a number of configuration possibilities which makes it easier to run finest to heaviest yarns. It also has a homogenous band built-up while all bands are lazer-controlled.
3.                   Sample Warping
The Multi-Matic Sample Warper can produce warps at an average speed of 800m/minutes and can process upto 128 yarns. It can produce yarn at a whooping speed of 5 times more than regular warping machines. The Gir-O-Matic Sample Warper weaves yarn with a circular creel with 16 or 24 winding places which guarantees highest efficiency for coloured and solid warps. The Gir-O-Matic 16S Sample Warper machine sets new standards in the warp preparation as it warps upto 490m length.
Our Sizing machines, Assembling Sizing Machine, Slasher (Sheet Dyeing Machine), Creels and Humidification and Air Control machines form an integral part of the entire cloth-making process. With state-of-the art machines built by the internationally acclaimed KARL MAYER textile machine producer, we weave yarn with the latest scientific techniques.

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