Sunday, 26 November 2017

State-of-the-art Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

In this day and age of rapidly-increasing pollution due to industrial waste, it’s very crucial to understand how industrial wastewater treatment can play a major role in the overall health and growth of your business. The issue of wastewater management is a vital part of the process to consider, as overlooking it can possibly harm the environment and human health. Further, it may also prevent your facility from meeting local discharge guidelines and may lead your business to incur hefty fines and potential legal action. It is highly recommended that you take the proper steps to ensure the proper treatment of your wastewater before it’s recycled/reused and or discharged into the environment.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced experts, A.T.E. Envirotech (a part of the A.T.E. Group) has developed strong capabilities and proficiency in the areas of wastewater management. The company offers state-of-the-art, complete solutions for wastewater treatment and recycling, including zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Our portfolio also includes value-added products such as micronutrients, enzymes and microbial cultures are offered for improving process performance and enhancing operating efficiency.

AAA™ Technology for Textile Effluents
A tried and tested treatment technology for textile wastewaters, AAA™ technology is capable of reducing chemical consumption and sludge generation by almost 70% compared to the conventional treatment process, while ensuring consistency in treated waste quality. It is a highly effective innovation from A.T.E. that enhances biological treatment efficiency, reduces colour and minimises sludge generation for textile industry wastewaters. AAA™ technology also comes equipped with robustly designed UF and RO recycle systems for maximum recovery and enhanced membrane life, and offers reduced overall power consumption by almost 25 percent.

AVR™ Technology for Sugar and Distillery Effluents
AVR™ is engineered to handle difficult-to-treat wastewaters from sugar and distillery industry. This technology is meant for reduced overall power consumption, lower sludge generation and chemical consumption. It offers high degree of mixing per unit of expended energy with ideal degree of operational safety. Also, due to the absence of in-basin moving parts, it is maintenance-free. AVR and AHR technologies ensure the effective management of sugar and distillery condensates, spent lees and associated wastewaters.

A.T.E. serves a wide range of industry verticals such as textiles, dairy, sugar and distillery, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, chemicals, food processing and buildings. In partnership with world famous Huber, Germany, A.T.E. supplies specialised wastewater treatment equipment. With over 35,000 wastewater treatment technology installed worldwide and presence across 60 countries, Huber is the world’s leading company in the wastewater treatment and sludge treatment space.

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