Monday, 23 October 2017

A.T.E.: Making the Water and Environment Safe with Innovative Wastewater Treatment Systems

If you’re looking for an industrial wastewater treatment plant or are in need of modern industrial wastewater treatment systems, A.T.E. Envirotech Private Limited can help you!

A Synopsis of A.T.E. 
A.T.E. is one of India’s leading suppliers of industrial wastewater treatment systems. The firm has been provides world-class, high performance, and cost-effective industrial wastewater solutions for a number of industrial plants and industries like:
      Textile Industry.
      Sugar and Distilleries Plants.
      Food and Dairy Units.
      Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants.
      Chemicals and Petrochemical Processing Industry.

Why A.T.E.?

A.T.E.’s industrial wastewater treatment systems are custom designed for a specific customer’s requirements.

      A.T.E. has wastewater treatment systems, meant specifically to meet quality standards of various industries.
      All of the wastewater systems developed by A.T.E. are designed in compliance with international quality standards
      The biological wastewater treatment systems at A.T.E. are intended to deliver excellent performance, and complete reliability with a low carbon footprint
      The treatment systems for wastewater are tailored for specific industrial applications which ensure it to handle variable water loads and flows while improving the process stability of the operation.
      A.T.E. aims at providing unbeatable customer service by addressing both the water and environmental requirements of clients

Last but not the least, A.T.E., due to its unyielding commitment to perfect pricing, quality, and dedication to meet the exact requirements of customers has gained a distinguished position in the market.

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