Friday, 3 February 2017

Top Notch Print and Packaging Systems For India, by A.T.E.

The Indian print and packaging industry is mainly driven by the growing demand for packaged food and beverages as well as increasing investment. According to a report by McKinsey, the annual expenditure on packaged food and beverages in India has nearly doubled in the past 5 years. This is expected to increase annually by 14% as the urbanization increases the younger population and adds to the total disposable income limit.

The report showed that the Indian printing and packaging industry is ranked 11th in the world, and is estimated to be worth around $16.5 billion, making it one of the major contributors to the Indian economy.

Leading Indian companies, mainly A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited have been engaged in providing advanced packaging equipment systems from the world’s leading packaging equipment manufacturers for many years now. A.T.E. provides world-class solutions from various global leaders that are designed to improve the quality of the printing and packaging process. These are some of the best and most popular packaging equipment systems that are provided by A.T.E.:

Anti-static solutions

The Valstat VS 20 Active AC static eliminator is a shock-proof static eliminating bar manufactured by one of India’s leading packaging equipment manufacturers, Valence Electrons Private Limited.

These easy to use and portable static charge eliminators are antistatic bars that help neutralize electrostatic charges from moving surfaces. There are small but powerful active electrodes placed all along the length of the bar that helps to remove static charges uniformly. The Valstat VS 20 is powered by the Valstat PS 70 S power source for optimal operation.

Valstat TS 10 air ionizer is a table top static charge eliminator that is helpful in removing static electrical charges from stationary and moving objects. This ionizing blower is designed to cover a larger area effectively. This is an ideal industrial solution for removing static charge completely from isolated conducting and non-conductive objects.

Ink flow solutions

Valence’s Valflow centrifugal pumps are designed to provide the best flow of ink material with complete agitation in the mixing/blending tank. These centrifugal pumps are specially designed to give flow rates that complement the exact industrial requirement.

The advanced QD (quick dismount) feature is designed for faster removal and replacement to ensure better and smoother operation.

These and many other industrial solutions are provided by A.T.E. from world renowned packaging equipment manufacturers to ensure world-class printing and packaging processes in the Indian packaging industry.

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