Sunday, 8 January 2017

A.T.E. Solar Thermal Systems: Innovative and Efficient Energy Saving Industrial Solutions

India is rapidly growing to become an industrial superpower. Owing to the large variety of easily available natural resources, the country is an ideal ground for starting any type of industrial set-up.

The recent increase in FDI, as well as the various other increment schemes offered by the government for establishing industries in the country, has helped it attain the role of one of the leading industrial nations, not only in Asia but worldwide. On the one hand, the industries are growing at a remarkable rate; there is also an increasing concern for the effects of extensive industrial growth on the environment, on the other.

Need for alternate energy sources

Various Indian industries have integrated better, more energy efficient machinery and other equipment into use. The government has also made the industrial environmental regulations stricter to effectively reduce the carbon footprint.

Leading companies from India, mainly A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited, which has been providing world-class technology to the Indian industries for more than 75 years now, have been providing ultra-modern and highly efficient industrial energy conserving technologies.

Concentrated Solar Thermal System:
Fully-automated moving-focus Paraboloid Concentrator Technology

The extremely efficient Solar Thermal Concentrator Technology from A.T.E. is the most reliable alternative industrial energy solution. This is an advanced solar energy collecting system which has an automatic focusing technology that enables the system's concentrator equipment to track the movement of the sun accurately.

The significantly large concentrator allows the device to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy which is then effectively concentrated onto the receiver unit. This unit is filled with water. When the concentrated solar energy falls on the receiver, it starts to heat the water stored within, turning it into steam.

This generated steam can then be used for a large variety of industrial applications. This device provides an alternative source of energy to be used in industries for various processes. This alternate energy is generated from an almost unlimited source, and is very clean in terms of after-effects from the dispersion.

The highly advanced and effective solar thermal technology used by this system reduces the carbon footprint and the effects that conventional energy sources have on the surrounding environment. Such energy efficient technologies are the need of the hour for the sustainable and continuous growth of industries in India.

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