Thursday, 29 September 2016

Automated And Energy Saving Concepts Leading to Development of Solar Thermal Systems

With the growing emphasis on infinite energy sources, the dependencies on concepts like solar thermal systems have undoubtedly increased significantly in modern times. Modern day solar thermal systems can ensure greater efficiency, as these are focused on improving production flexibility. Especially, attentionison offering greater savings in operating as compared to using fossil fuels.

Concentrated solar thermal systems:

With the intention of improving the solar thermal systems’ standards, more emphasis is on blending automated technologies with such devices. In fact, modern systems are able to follow the Sun’s movement in a day. These automated solar thermal systems are based on a concept that lets the sun rays get reflected and accumulated over a focal point, through which water is passed, thus generating steam.

Through the process, these devices generate steam. Steam generated through this process is used for various processes. Thus, the ultimate aim of minimizing the fuel dependency can be achieved as no fossil fuels are used during this process.

The best part about these automated systems is ease of use. One doesn’t necessarily need special skills to operate such devices. Using the most of the renewable energy, it is already cost-effective. At the same time, considering the ROI and payback time, the original cost of these devices is also fairly nominal.

One doesn’t need to be worried about the safety aspects. Such automated solar thermal technology can guarantee you about ultimate safety with integrated safety systems. The maintenance cost is considerably low. In fact, going with a renowned manufacturer, one can enjoy considerable warranty.

Air-to-air heat exchangers:

Apart from automated systems, the demands of heat exchangers are also at the peak nowadays. Greater focus is being put to fine-tune such exchangers as these hold the ability to minimize energy expenditure to a great extent.

Air-to-air heat exchangers are such devices; they are able to use the exhaust heat have been absolutely useful in cost reduction. In addition, the maintenance costs of these devices are also incredibly low. The construction is simple; The exchanging units are made up of several equivalently distanced slim plates, but with greater area, which results in better heat exchange with nominal pressure drop. Warm exhaust air is channeled to comparatively lower temperature inlets, reducing the need to pre-heat air to these inlets, thus resulting in energy savings.

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